Sheep may safely graze is a relaxing game about building enclosures for sheep, based on a given amount of stakes and sheep positions. You will also have to handle black sheep, that must not be included inside the enclosure!

This is a game I made to try a puzzle idea out, it does not contain much levels and mechanics, but it was fun making and I hope you'll enjoy playing it at least for a few minutes! Feel free to give any feedback. :)

Thanks a lot for playing!
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Music by J.S. Bach: Adagios - Sheep may safely graze

PlatformsmacOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorRobin Six
Tags2D, Cozy, geometry, Relaxing, sheep, Short, Singleplayer


Sheep May Safely Graze - Windows 36 MB
Sheep May Safely Graze - Linux 36 MB
Sheep May Safely Graze - Mac OS 44 MB


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Very enjoyable! Thank you!


Is anybody eles wondering why this is a bit sheep racist? Lmao


game of the year


its cool


super cool game, Lot's of potential for more such a wooden barriere impossible to move, 4 points stakes, sheep lovers (  must be enclose together ). This game suits good for mobile too. Continue ! 


Thank you very much :)
I published the game as a prototype, and maybe I'll keep on working on it and and such mechanics, but it's more likely it will stay is it is. Those are good mechanics ideas though!