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Giovanni works in an office. Everyday, he has to fix up machines like printers or vending machines.

But his job is all but annoying, since the office is filled with haunted machines ! Hunt down the rebelious props, and repair them before the end of the timer. Stay vigilant, the machines are sneaky and unpredictable!

REPARATOR - Office Hunt has been made for the 2020 Global Game Jam, by Éloïse Zirotti, Camille Blum, Clément Corvisy and Robin Six. We improved the game a bit after the event, but there are still some issues that could have been fixed, however we will keep it as it is!

Thanks for playing!

Here's a link to the game animations showcase!

Install instructions

Download the archive, unzip it and launches the .exe file.


Reparator 82 MB

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