RASHNESS is a boss battle game, where you will have to defeat only one enemy. Be ready though, he is tough and he won't go easy on you. Killing it with the basic attacks is hard and very long, so what you can do (and probably should!) is sacrifice some of your health in exchange of different interesting upgrades. It's up to you to find the way you like to play, or to find the most efficient powerups combination!


Move with WASD / ZQSD (for French keyboards)

Fire with Mouse Left click

Dash with Space (if you choose the upgrade!)

The game is meant to be hard, so do not worry if you die many times before finding a good strategy, it is perfectly normal, and it is in part due to the fact that I made the game in 48 hours, so I didn't have much time to balance it! 

RASHNESS is my 4th participation to the Ludum Dare, but above all the first time I hit the compo submission. It was a really interesting experience, but I think I could have done a more complete game, maybe I was a bit too afraid of the short amount of time I had working alone. I'll keep that in mind for the next time if I go for a solo game jam again, but I think I'd rather work with a team!


• Upgrades prices and values are more balanced

• Now it is not mandatory to spam the mouse button to shoot over time (spamming only allows to shoot faster)

• Added a bar above the player to show the dash ability cooldown

• The boss' trail that was displayed in front of him is now behind

• Boss bullets are now a bit slower, but he does attacks/movements at a little bit higher pace

• Duckpaw angle is now smaller, so that the ability can be useful by shooting far from the boss

• Fixed a visual issue causing the player bullets not being spawned on the right position

• Fixed a bug causing one of the tips that are displayed when losing not being correctly shown

• Changed some values about menu animation speed, sounds volumes, etc.

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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorRobin Six
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Boss battle, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 44, Pixel Art, Space, Superpowers, upgrades
LinksLudum Dare


Rashness (Windows64).zip 19 MB


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nice gome.


Whoo! Got it! I used duckpaw shoot and the damage increaser. It took 3 tries but i figured out the pattern

I can't seem to move.

Woo a beat it! <o/ Only when I decided to only go max speed and hold A to constantly strafe left, its kind of a cheesy method since the bullets are predictable but at least I finally beat it. really nice experience haha

Thanks a lot for playing ! :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Adding more damages to the boss' bullets would indeed balance this playstyle, but the problem with this game is that it was impossible to balance all the powerups combination perfectly, during the 48 hours production time. I like the idea of a boss that is pretty easy to kill once you've find the strategy to use, but here it is a bit too easy to find its weak point.

Thanks a lot for playing and taking the time to send me your feedback, I appreciate that ! :)


Very cool and awesome graphics! It's fun and I like the powerup shop, it's well balanced ^^ Congrats


Thanks a lot for playing! I think it could be a bit more balanced, some powerups combinations make the game a bit too easy, but I'm glad if it worked well for you :p


wow this is an amazing idea i loved the game 

Thanks a lot!

Deleted post

Hey thanks a lot for playing! The font is Pixellife, a free font I found on Dafont :)


Nice job for a game made in 2 days!