My second entry for TweetTweetJam 5 ! The rule being that the final game code must be 560 characters or less.

In Make it Pink!, you have to color all the screen in pink by moving the initial pink few pixels. You can keep X pressed to get bigger, and C to play again or reboot.

Here's the code (556 characters)

h={1,3,4}i={5,6,15}r=rnd l=0::b::j=h[flr(r(3)+1)]k=i[flr(r(3)+1)]p={k,k,j,k,0,k,k,0,j,k,0,j}for i=0,15do pal(i,p[i])end
for x=0,127do for y=0,127do pset(x,y,r()*15)end end
x,y,d,e,o=64,64,0,0,0::_:: d+=1
if o==0and d>24then d=0e+=1
if e>999 then
for a=0,127do for b=0,127do
if(pget(a,b)!=8)o=0goto w
end end::w::
end end
if o==1then o=2
end if(btn(4))l=t()goto b
goto _
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorRobin Six
Made withPICO-8
TagsPICO-8, tweettweetjam


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405 s


1395! I have no Idea what it means lol

Just some score to have some reward in the game haha, I cannot remember however if it's rather good or not :p


Nice! Love the evolving visuals.  I almost won but I lost the cursor :\

Yep, that's the main problem with this haha, and I didn't manage to make it work with less than 560 chars AND a visual feedback for the player's position ! Still have things to learn :D


The way the colors bubble is an interesting texture!