WARNING! If you play the web version, make sure to enable fullscreen mode or some visuals won't display correctly !

In the world of GROYP, wearing weapons or clothes can be lethal. Find items to kill your ennemies, but watch out for the Anti-Pants Laser Beam! If you attempt to cross it with your stuff, you will regret it for sure! Get rid of everything you found to keep murdering things safely!

Be ready to kill ferocious enemies, make sure you are naked before crossing an Anti-Pants Laser Beam, and try to get to the end of the level !


Move : WASD / ZQSD / Arrows / Left stick

Shoot : Left click / RT

Drop weapon : Right click / RB

Drop item : 1/2/3/4 / A/B/X/Y (depending on the item !)

Team : Joffrey Delavenne, Benjamin Coquelle, Eloïse Zirotti, Robin Six


GET RID OF YOUR PANTS (or die with it).zip 26 MB

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