A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

It was a time dominated by war, religion and above all by a devastating disease called "the Scourge". Men seem to lose their humanity, mysterious beasts lurk near the cities and even the Three Creators remain silent. In this chaos, rumours spread that a cleric found an abandoned church's crypt and discovered the corpse of Febilis, God of All Diseases. An elite soldier has been sent there to bring answers to the questions asked by the religious authorities...

This game is a prototype version.
It has been designed for Xbox controllers but can still be played with mouse and keyboard. It features a save system you can use to save your progress and keep playing later on.

FEBILIS comes with some accessibility options available in the settings menu:

  • Controls can be remapped (the remapping menu is relatively modest but should hopefully be useful for those who want to change the mapping a bit).
  • Screen shake percentage can be adjusted (0% to 200%).
  • Joystick dead zone can be adjusted.
  • Pixel Perfect can be toggled on/off (will make the game look less retro but feel more fluid).

The game is available in English and French.

Robin Six  -  Programming / Game art
Benjamin Coquelle  -  Level Design
Éloïse Zirotti  -  Boss art and animation
Noelle Aman  -  Music


  • Fixed an issue making Rat King animations behave strangely when dying by running into a wall and stunning itself.
  • Fixed an issue making the popup showing the name of picked up items not updating correctly and showing placeholder assets.
  • Player can now move using arrows.
  • Better letters localization.

A speedrun.com page has been created for those who would like to speedrun the game in any of the available categories!

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorRobin Six


Febilis v1.1 - Windows 24 MB
Febilis v1.1 - Linux 26 MB
Febilis v1.0 - Windows 24 MB


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Hermoso juego. Me encantó

Muchas gracias !

(1 edit) (+1)

This is a veru good game! I want more!


Excellent game!! Graphics, music, playability!! Excellent Job!!

One suggestion: More languages, for example, spanish. If you want a help to translate the game, count on me without problem!!

Hi! Sorry for answering so late.
Glad you liked the game! I'll probably keep it in english only (not counting French as that is my native language so I did not have to ask for someone) as it's a simple prototype only and I'm not working on it anymore :)
But I'll keep it in mind!

You have the project? If you allow me, I can mod for a Spanish translation, sure that latin American community will enjoy the game!!


This is very good! While the game is short i did like playing it, i could see more work being put into this for a full game on steam. great little indie game ^^

Thanks a lot!


Made a video


Thank you guys!

Loved it and want to play more


Would love a Linux build :)

Hey there! I'll try doing one when I got some time, should be published fairly soon and I'll let you know :)

Well, actually it seems the build I already uploaded should run on Linux (though I tagged it Windows only). Could you try it out and tell me if it's working fine?

Yeah, when downloading the file all that exists is an .exe version of the game. So that means the game can only run on windows. You have to build 2 different version for Mac, and Linux (in Unity that is).  Hope this helps and good luck!

Yup so it seems I'm just dumb and didn't see the Windows/Linux dropdown... I uploaded a Linux version, tell me if everything's good on your side! :)


Yep everything works! Nice work!


Very good demo! Beautifully made pixel art. Overall visual is great. Gameplay mechanic weren't too hard to master. The tutorial got me confused the first time I play since it's only give the tutorial for controller. Maybe change the tutorial's text guide like "A to Jump" to "Space to Jump" when using  keyboard. Other than that, the demo is great so far!

Thanks a lot! You're right the input tutorial should adjust with what input type you're using.
Also, I love the video thumbnail :p


The first game I rate ten out of ten on my channel



Hey! Thanks a lot for the video! :D


Really enjoyed this. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses! 

Great work!

Thank you so much!


Bravo ! Very good game. Thanks :)

quick question : how do you fixed the malware warning with unity build ?

Thx again.

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it.
Well I didn't do anything special, may be related to the engine version or maybe some Player Settings? Not sure I modified something specific though...


Oh! How very interesting! I will give this a shot tonight...

Thanks! Hope you'll like it :D