Crashboi is a young test dummy that is about to learn what he has been made for... This will be painful, but YOU can help him passing his test with success and without losing too many parts of his body!

Move him using the mechanical handle and control the length of the chain to avoid saws, spikes, obstacles, and many more threats...

Made by Eloïse Zirotti, Benjamin Coquelle and Robin Six, for the 2021 Game Maker's Toolkit Jam.


Crashboi (Win64 Jam version) 24 MB
Crashboi (Win64 Updated version) 24 MB


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I can't play it :(
If i press play the thing to drag crashboi appears out of my screen
(this is how it appears, the top of the image is the top of my screen)

Hi! Sorry this happened to you, I can't seem to reproduce the bug. Are you playing on the web version? If so, I'd suggest you try downloading the windows version :)

Im playing on the web version on chromebook

Well that must probably be because you're playing on a Chromebook, however I cannot do anything right now :/

ok :\


one of the most under rated game ever! i give this game a 8.5/1


fun gameplay! the little crash test guy is very cute

Thank you!