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CONNECT FOUR is a 2 players game in which the players first choose a color and then drop tokens of their color in a grid. Those tokens fall down, occupying the lowest available slot within the column. The first player who forms a line of four of his tokens wins the game.

I made this game using the PlayerIO SDK, and it was a fun way to practice developing online game. I suggest you to play with a friend of yours and get both connected to some voice channel, so that you can easily create and find a room for you to play !

You can open a console using the F1 key, that will display some logs during the playtime, that you can use in case you have trouble connecting to the server, joining a room, or something else. Also, make sure to use the comments section to report me any bug or give me some feedback !

Huge thanks to the wonderful Eloïse who got destroyed many times during playtests !

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and execute Connect Four Online.exe.


ConnectFourOnline_Win64.zip 18 MB

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