Abortion boy v1.1 !

We released Abortion Boy for the Ludum Dare 43, and we didn't fix some of the game's issues since the game jam deadline was over. Now that almost two weeks have passed, we took the time to change a few things :

• The controller should have a more correct behavior,

• The surgeon's hand does not spawn until the player has moved so you can't die without even playing,

• Doing the Fortnite dance now stops the surgeon's hand while you're dancing,

• The background music now loops,

• You can now skip the transition texts between levels by pressing any key,

• The head keeps its speed a bit longer when using a ramp,

• And also some other little things have changed.

Make sure to try the game, leave your feedback in the comments section, each one is appreciated and we take note of them ! Cheers !


Abortion Boy • v1.1.zip 77 MB
Dec 13, 2018

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